Bloody Mary - Meal in a Glass

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Bloody Mary - Meal in a Glass

Fall is the best season for sipping and savoring the perfect Bloody Mary. Brunching at Coastal Society on Sundays you'll get the perfect mixology made Bloody "Meal in a Glass"! We use the freshest ingredients, always made to order. 


Chilled 20oz Glass (24hrs ahead of serving) 

Sliced Lime or Lime Juice  - Coat the Rim of the Glass 

Coastal Society Hickory Smoked Salts - Coat Lime Rimmed Glass 

Fill 20oz Chilled Glass with Ice 

1Tsp Worcestershire (optional) 

1 Tsp Cholula (optional) 

Sprinkle Celery Salt in Glass (optional) 

Pour 1.5 oz Vodka (Titos is our preference) 

1/4 lemon squeezed in glass 

Fill Glass with Georges Bloody Mary Mix (Coastal Society Preference) 


1 Bamboo Garnish Stick

Stack on Bamboo Stick - 1 Gourmet Cube Cheese (Sharp Cheddar), 1 Slice Prosciutto, 1 Slice Salami, 1 Green Olive, Pickle and 1 circle slice Jalapeno Pepper